Course Schedule

Schedule Fall 2021

                                  MCBC Fall 2021  (Begins 08/24/21) 

 08/24/21 **Bible Research Methods I (RS210-02) 7-weeks, 4-credit, Holman
08/24/21 Old Testament Foundation (BI150) 8-weeks, 4-credit, Holman 
 08/24/21 Pauline Rev 1 (BI135) 16-weeks, 3-credits,   Croney 
 09/07/21 Advanced Bible Study (BI131) 13-weeks,  3-credits,   Giles 
 09/07/21 Pauline Rev II (BI139) 13-weeks,   3-credits,   Croney 
 09/21/21 Christology (TH201) 8-weeks,   4-credits,   Holman 
 11/30/21 Practicum II (PCS200) (credit/no credit) 7-weeks,   2-credits,   TBD 
 11/30/21 Practicum I (PCS100)  (credit/no credit) 7-weeks,   2-credits,   TBD 

 Winter 2021 (Begins 11/30/2021) 
 11/30/21 Art of Prayer (FC133) 7-weeks,  3-credits, Holman 
 11/30/21 Vision and Purpose 7-weeks,  2-credits,   Holman 

 **Seminar/Workshop Registration [Location: Zoom (online)] 
 $25 (if in MCBC program) 
 $75 (if not in MCBC program) 
 $35 (group rate 10+)