Current Students

Most of our students fall into one of the following categories:

  • A Christian lay-person who has a strong interest in the Bible, wanting to study in more depth than may be available at the local church level.  
  • Currently in, or pursuing full-time ministry, while finding it necessary to complete their Bible college education on a part-time basis.
  • Individuals interested in obtaining a higher-educational degree in theology.
  • Veterans seeking a higher education.


Admission Procedures

MCBC offers Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer enrollments. The College is open for admissions into a Degree Program all year round. Classes are offered on a semester basis. Those applying to the Degree Program, the entire program (whether 2 or 4 year) is covered through your initial program enrollment (see our 2019 Academic Catalog). 

To enroll in one of our degree programs you may click on the New Student Admissions Application Form button below. You can either fill out the form online or download the form. If applying online, be sure to select the required payment for your program (we accept all major credit cards). (If downloading the form, please fill it out and send the completed application to us by U.S. mail along with the required fees.) 

Once we review everything, and you are accepted as a student, you will receive an admission letter along with your tuition requirements. You should send copies of all required Certificates, Degrees and Diplomas along with two passport size photos after you receive the admission letter from MCBC. Also, have previous schools send your Official Transcripts directly to us. 

If for some reason you are not accepted as a student we will refund your enrollment tuition. However the application fee is non refundable.  

Pre-Registration/Enrollment - Begins two months prior to start of the semester. (15% off tuition-for Bachelor's) 

To get discount, call to Enroll/Register by phone! 559.740.7741 
To enroll in a degree program, complete the New Student Enrollment Application. 
View Tuition and Fees for specific costs. If unsure about college, try it out. 

Individual classes are available during each semester - just complete the registration form during the enrollment period. Registration Fee is $175.00 (USD) and classes are $75.00 tuition/per class (USD). 

Degree Program members will automatically advance to the next class in the series after successfully completing each course. Each student enrolled in our degree program is assigned an Academic Advisor to assist them with their class enrollment process. 

Admission/Enrollment Requirements Associate's Degree: 
High School Diploma/G.E.D 

Bachelor's Degree: An earned Associate's Degree (within any major or field of study) from an accredited public college, university, Bible College, Institute, University or Seminary. 

If the applicant does not meet the minimum requirements for admission in a particular program: 
A. Admission will be denied 
B. Applicant will be accepted in a lower degree program 
C. Applicant will be required to take some additional courses If any course that we require has already been completed in an accredited public college, university, or Bible College, we will allow the student to be exempt from taking that course. 

Graduate Programs (Independent Study format)
Master's Degree - Online Admission Form
Doctorate Degree - Online Admission Form
Dual Degrees
Accelerated Program (AP)

Enrollment Fees - Degree Programs (click for detail costs) 
Application Fee: $75.00 
MCBC Life Experience Portfolio Assessment Form: $300.00 

Students must pay the above fees to begin taking courses. These fees do not include the students tuition, which is also due upon enrollment. Please contact us for information concerning enrollment. Students who do not wish to complete the Life Experience Portfolio Assessment will not be eligible to receive any Life Experience credit. 

Mamre Christian Bible College Honors Life Experience. 
We apprecitate and honor the lessons you have learned in life, and here you can translate them into credits, rather than wasting them. Since you are not forced to re-learn lessons you already know, you are free to go on to discover new truths. Your educational time and expense are decreased while your learning is increased. Your learning is clarified and validated through the use of ongoing practica, making life itself one of your major teachers. MCBC charges $13.33 per credit awarded towards life experience i.e. 30 credits awarded for life experience would total $399.90. 

Pastoral Recommendation Form (for Graduate Programs) 
All students must complete the Pastoral Recommendation form in its entirety. This form must be completed by the person whose contact information you provide. Be sure to only provide the name of a present or former pastor, or spiritual leader who is not a member of your immediate family. If your pastor is related to you, you may have an elder, church officer, or other spiritual leader act as pastoral reference. 

Pastoral Recommendation Form 
If you have any questions regarding this form, please feel free to contact the Registrar's.