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*Schedule: Summer - Fall 2024

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*Spring 2024 (Begins 01/23/2024) 
02/06/24 Pauline Rev 1 (pt1) (BI135) 13-week, 3-credits, Dr. Holman
03/26/24 Bible Doctrine 1 (Pt3) (BI136) - 8-week, TBD
TBD- Biblical Healing (OL600) - 6 weeks, 2 credits, TBD

*Summer 2024 (Begins June 11, 2024)
Art of Prayer (FC133) 7-week, 3-credits, (Web-based)
English Composition 1 (EN103), 4-credits, Dr. Holman

*Fall 2024 (Begins August 20, 2024)
08/20/24 Pauline Rev 1 (pt1) (BI135) 13-week, 3-credits, TBD
08/20/24 Pauline Rev 1 (pt2) (BI139) 13-week, 3-credits, TBD
08/20/24 Intro to Hermeneutics (MS300) 12-week, 4-credits, Dr. Holman
09/24/24 God in the Marketplace (BUS201) 8-week, 4-credits, Pastor Croney
Book of Ephesians (BI-203) (8-wks- online), 3-credits, Dr. Holman
Discipleship 1 - (MS303) (Online)

SEMINARS/EVENTS (2024) - Call or Email for Information
  • Graduation 2024 
    Date: Saturday, June 8, 2024
    ocation: Stockton Word of Faith Christian Center
    1739 S Union Street Stockton, California 95206
  • Time Management (OL501) (Online) (TBD)
  • Life Management I (OL500) (Online) (TBD)
  • Scripture Memorization - (MS405) (Online) (TBD)

* Schedule is subject to change.
**Prerequisites are required.

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