Class Schedule

*Schedule: Spring 2023

*Spring 2023 (Begins 01/17/23)
 01/17/23 Pauline Rev 1 (BI135) 13-week, 3-credits, Min. Giles, R.
01/17/23 Advanced Bible Study (BI131) 13-week, 3-credits, TBD
**02/21/23 Intro to Hermeneutics (MS300) 12-week, 4-credits, Dr. Holman, J.
[Prerequisite: A theology class, or the Book of James (BI140) class]
**03/14/23 Intro to Studying the Bible (BI212) 10-week, 4-credit, Dr. Holman, J.
[Prerequisite: Bible Research Methods (RS210)]
04/04/23   Art of Prayer (FC133) 8-week, 3-credits, TBD
04/18/22 Bible Doctrine I (BI136, Part 1) 7-week, 1-credit, TBD

*Summer 2023 (Begins 06/06/23)
06/06/23 Intro to Systematic Theology (TH200) 8-week, 4-credit, Dr. Holman
06/06/23 Intro to Christology (TH201) 8-week, 4-credits, Dr. Holman
06/06/23   Art of Prayer (FC133) 8-week, 3-credits, TBD

* Schedule is subject to change.
**Prerequisites are required.